EYESORE and give up Team Up For a Street Art Gallery Showcase

photos by Marco Torres

To evolve and adapt. In the world of street art, those factors are as important for success as the development of a unique aesthetic and consistent output. You gotta stay up. As street art hits the galleries, the same is true. When the idea of a joint showcase first hit artists EYESORE and give up earlier this year, the venue of choice was the now shuttered Domy Books.

Now that the duo has found a new gallery for their latest works (Cardoza Fine Art,1320 Nance), we spoke to EYESORE in anticipation of this weekend's opening for a preview of the show:

Art Attack: What lead to this collaboration between yourself and give up?

EYESORE: Besides being friends, we hold the same interest in the dark, ugly, and misunderstood subject matter, whether it be animals or people. We are the same in that respect, always riding around and seeing inspiration for our works hidden in the dark.


AA: However, the delivery is much different, is that correct?

ES: The delivery is mostly posters, silk-screen prints, and stickers, but the way we piece together our work is vastly different. give up mostly uses photographs and collages of images to develop the amazing work he displays. I stick to pen and paper drawings that sprout direct from my brain to create a vision of the dark and evil figures that I've been drawing since childhood.

AA: How do you choose those figures that end up in your artwork?

EE: The faces are people that I've seen and individuals I've met, as well as the characters that I see in my mind. As far as the animals, most of them are dark creatures with something perceived as bad about them. Whether it's a goat or bat, or wolf or black cat, each have a perception of evil that accompanies them. Birds as well.

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1320 Nance St., Houston, TX

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