Doctor Who Slap Fight: Battle of Classic Doctors in Modern Stories

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It's been a while since I had good subject for a pop culture slap fight, but thankfully one man came through with the perfect Doctor Who set-up, and that man is a YouTube user named WhovianWars. See, it's become something regular when meeting old Doctors at fan conventions to get them to read speeches from the modern series so that we can imagine what it would be like if those stories had starred the classic Doctors.

So you get them up on stage with a mike, and they do their best to outdo Matt Smith (He has the best monologues of the modern three). You can find videos of these all over YouTube, but WhovianWars takes it one step further. He splices the audio in with the original soundtracks from the actual episodes. The result is uncanny. You actually feel like you might be hearing some sort of alternate universe where these threats were tackled by the older Doctors.

So far, he has two, and today we see which one truly stands out. Let's get it on.

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In This Corner: The Sixth Doctor, madness and the '80s incarnate. He was a pompous know-it-all supremely aware of his own brilliance and always cut an unmistakable figure in his harlequin outfit. Behind that cold, smarmy façade though beat the hearts of the one true Lord of Time, though. Whereas his previous incarnations had fled and hid from the powers that be on Gallifrey, Six stood tall against them in their most evil (At that time) hours.

He is played by Colin Baker. Baker's portrayal was the subject of much derision, and he remains the only Doctor ever fired from the role. Nonetheless, he has gained a new respect thanks to the Big Finish audio adventures, and is a constant presence in the Who community.

And In This Corner: The Seventh Doctor. Diminutive, physically unimposing, impish, and most of all devious. Until the revelation of the Hurt Doctor he was the incarnation all the rest feared, known far and wide for his manipulations and possible cruelty. His course was a dark one, but he's love for humanity ran very deep.

The man behind him is Sylvester McCoy, back in the spotlight again thanks to Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies where he plays the wizard Radagast. McCoy was the last Doctor of the classic series, and it is widely believed that if he had had just one more season that he might have continued to pull the ratings of the show up again. We'll never know, but like Baker he is a reliable presence in the audio adventures and at conventions.

The fight continues on page 2.

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