10 Best Ayn Rand Tributes on Etsy

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I had to stop Googling myself for awhile because some damn Bachelorette contestant stole my nickname and the results were flooded by how right or not right he is/was for some chick named Emily. Once that died down, I discovered the Randex through self-searches, which is an online database that collects any and every mention of Ayn Rand or her works that happens online. I'm on there... a lot.

I can't help it. I'm a huge fan of Ayn Rand's storytelling and despise everything else about her, which leads to a lot of articles. So today I thought I'd look at the maddest place on the Internet to see what little tributes people had cobbled together for sale on Etsy.

You can find a lot of pictures of Ayn Rand's face on Rosie the Riveter's body, which seems like exactly the kind of artistic co-opting she abhorred, but whatever. I chose this one from I Am John Galt for two reasons. One, I love the completely unmitigated gall he has in asking for $999 (Free shipping) for the painting. Two, the description under the painting is a rambling love letter to her philosophy that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how important it is to read more than one author.

The Ayn Rand postal stamp has always confused me. What's more state-ist than the post office? Was the U.S. Postal Service being ironic, or is it a tribute to all the entrepreneurs that get their start thanks to the cheap and efficient deliveries available to Americans? Regardless, it's a great picture, and you can get it attached to this mint tin from Objectively Charming. Perfect for holding gold coins or those special cigarettes you can only buy with said gold coins.

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Justine Paige uses that same image in this dog tag necklace, which she says is "feminine, yet bold and confident." Her other works are tiny assault rifle necklaces, as well as one featuring the words "wisdom" and "compassion." Paige just doesn't get it.

This item from Book Safe Shop is the most amazingly literal thing I have ever seen. It is a hardcover copy of Atlas Shrugged that has been hollowed out in order to make a hidden safe so you can keep your money away from moochers who would steal it. Nothing has ever been so little ironic.

I have a new favorite artist of all time, and her name us Miss Automne. Her White Whine series of drawings is one of the most punk rock things I have ever seen in art. Here we have Rand and Gavin McInnes, the "Godfather of Hipsterdom," high fiving in a dumpster. Other works include a drawing of Ann Coulter suddenly getting her period, and my favorite, "My Last Dollar Drawing a Cock on Donald Trump's Face."

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