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YouTube is very, very heavily slanted towards video game coverage, and there are several channels that you should absolutely subscribe to if you want to stay connected with the best of the culture. These are the ten I've found make for a great afternoon wasting away talking about games.

Special thanks to The Brother With One F for additional research in this article.

10: Man At Arms: Tony Swatton's web show isn't just about video games. He is a master blacksmith that creates really incredible replicas of weapons from all across the realms of fiction as a side gig promoting his work doing the same for Hollywood. That said, it's his video game recreations that get the biggest response, such as when he finally gave in and created the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda above.

I like Swatton for the same reason I like Mr. Wizard... there is a barely concealed well of disdain for us gamer nerds underneath his instruction. You can just feel how little he wanted to make the famous weapon, only giving in because we demanded it. That source of amusement aside, the weapons he creates will blow you away.

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9. Continue Show: The guys at Continue Show do playthroughs of classic games until they run out of continues, including one of my personal favorites, Abadox, that you can see above. The difficulty of a lot of these early video games leads to a lot of angry swearing and juvenile petty rage being hurled at the screen, but it's still a pretty good time being had by all. The nostalgia factor is worth it, and it's strangely therapeutic to watch grown men get as pissed off by those damn arm-monster thingies as I did as a child. It's feel like having your anger justified.

8: Video Gamer TV: Of all the people dissecting video games on a really deep level I think Matt Lees is the absolute best. While we were all still living with stars in our eyes from BioShock Infinite he was the one who pointed out that there are still some seriously flaws in the game's approach that should have been addressed. Honestly, every game I review I'm just inwardly aping Lees.

There's lot of other non-Lees content on Video Gamer TV that is top-notch, but it's these really brilliant deconstructions by Lees that make it one of the best.

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Go kill yourselves and die, houston press.


Check out Trustissuesboi3 youtube channel he don't have much at this moment but he getting more games like call of duty advanced warfare and battlefield hardline


Where the hell is AVGN and JonTron? Especially JonTron? Or even Retsupurae, the founders of Let's Play? 

I don't know how PleaseDiePie made it on here.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

I want your review of the Thundercat 2011 series.

Jack Henderson
Jack Henderson

I've been a fan of Angry Video Game Nerd for awhile, disappointed he didn't make the cut. Nice list tho. I'll check some of them out.

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