Top 10 Video Game YouTube Channels

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3. Easter Egg Hunting: Games these days are full of dozens or hundreds of little jokes, glitches, and secrets because developers are a capricious lot. The people at VGFacts has put together a series that explores these in tremendous detail. It's addictive as hell, and a treasure for trivia nuts like me.

2. Pewdiepie: You know how going to see a horror movie with that friend who is ridiculously easy to scare and overreacts to every single thing? That's Pewdiepie, and you have got to see him as he treks through some of the best horror games out there. Though Swedish, he comes across like Roberto Benigni, and while that gets a little much sometimes his enthusiasm for what he does has made him, no joke, the most subscribed YouTube channel ever. Know what he does with all his internet dollars? He travels around working with charities. 'Cause he's awesome.

1. Did You Know Gaming: I check the Did You Know Gaming site every day, but the best days are the ones where they're little five minute, title-specific explorations of trivia come out in video form. Usually it's just a more elaborate version of factoids that have already appeared on the site, but the execution is just so wonderfully fun that it makes even things you already knew seem fresh and exciting. Best video game show on the internet. I just wish they came more frequently.

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Check out Trustissuesboi3 youtube channel he don't have much at this moment but he getting more games like call of duty advanced warfare and battlefield hardline


Where the hell is AVGN and JonTron? Especially JonTron? Or even Retsupurae, the founders of Let's Play? 

I don't know how PleaseDiePie made it on here.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

I want your review of the Thundercat 2011 series.

Jack Henderson
Jack Henderson

I've been a fan of Angry Video Game Nerd for awhile, disappointed he didn't make the cut. Nice list tho. I'll check some of them out.

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