10 Most Horrifying Silent Hill Items on Etsy

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Recently I've been replaying Silent Hill series of games, because apparently I was having way too much restful sleep. What the series lacks in Resident Evil's accessibility, it more than makes up for in sheer, chilling horror. As I typically do with whatever I'm interested at the moment, I hauled on over to Etsy to see what the world's crafty people have put together in tribute. What I found this time was a parade of absolute madness. Let's take a look.

This is a sleep mask inspired by the games designed by Hong Kong's Sahabat Ku, who normally does things that don't make you question whether or not God is dead. Can you imagine waking up from a nightmare next to someone wearing this? It's like you're deliberately asking someone in a fit of panic to beat you with a hardcover novel while you sleep.

Video Game Atlas: Silent Hill

The deal with the skin-crawling appearance of the Bubble Headed Nurses is that they are supposed to take repressed sexual desire and add a good dose of terror to the mix. So people tend to view them as a combination Jessica Rabbit and Freddy Krueger. These three-inch, hand-painted plastic statues from Justin Shifflett certainly captures that, with their lovingly detailed face masks and exposed nipples.

Now, as a piece of paper and shadow art I have to admit that David Keyte has done a really nice job of reproducing a haunting encounter with a nurse in the shadows. However... this is a greeting card. So, if you want to send the message to someone that you're thinking of them at the same time your psyche shatters, creating a dark world of monsters, there's someone who has you set.

These next two works are sculptures from Mik Miller depicting various scenes based on the Silent Hill film rather than the games. These balsa wood dioramas rival McFarlane in unsettling imagery and execution. Here we see the famous butcher Pyramid Head, carrying his Great Knife. I guess we should be grateful Miller was more interested in the film than the games so we didn't have to see Pyramid Head raping another monster. Though speaking of rape...

Miller obviously couldn't resist recreating the most disturbing scene from the first Silent Hill film. The evil cult leader Christabella is grabbed by sentient barbed wire and raped to death with it. And now you can put a pretty accurate representation of that on your mantle, with the added bonus that it looks slightly like it was created by a particularly disturbed child.

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Jacob Berg
Jacob Berg

I'd wear that sleepmask every night if I owned it.

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@Jacob Berg This article was actually part of a ploy to reveal which friends I should not invite to a sleeover

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