10 More Remastered Classics We Want Besides DuckTales

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I spent a happy evening reliving one of my favorite NES titles, DuckTales, which WayForward has completely redrawn with amazing graphics and a few gameplay updates. These efforts continuously allow a new generation to experience the best games of bygone eras without having their eyes bored out of their heads by pixilated graphics. Hopefully DuckTales will be the start of a new trend towards updating the NES catalog for the modern era. If anyone out there is listening, then please consider...

StarTropics: The tale of a young baseball player named Mike who explores the tropics in search of his uncle, who has been abducted by aliens, StarTropics is a somewhat forgotten Nintendo property that has remained strangely abandoned even at a time when they'll put the Wii Fit instructor in Super Smash Bros. It would be wonderful to see this adventure brought back to life with some really first rate art.

Friday the 13th: One of the first true survival horror games, the old NES terrorfest has been making a comeback recently, even getting a custom doll of the famous Purple Jason. Let's see cinema's most prolific psychopath finally get the treatment he deserves with dark forests, a real Crystal Lake, and that incredible fight with his mother's severed head.

Batman: The original NES Batman was literally one of the only games the Caped Crusader excelled in until Arkham Asylum. On addition to keeping things simple, but with enough extra weapons to make it interesting, the game focused on lesser known Bat-villains and used split-second timing on wall jumps to actually pretty accurately reproduce Batman-ness for the time. It would make great bones for an HD remake.

Wizards & Warriors: Still one of the greatest fantasy games ever made on the NES, it was always too ambitious for it's time. You knew the vast forests and underground caverns were meant to be Tolkien-esque, but they used up all the graphic power on Kuros' adorable fight animation. Now not only can we give him an epic backdrop, he can have ridiculous, over-the-top warrior battle cries and a soundtrack by Christopher Lee's metal band!

Metroid 2: Return of Samus: Samus' Game Boy outing was one of the things that helped make that system so long-lived. Nintendo had a deathgrip on the handheld market with a series of stellar original games, not just inferior ports from their main system. Those days are over now, and this essential chapter in Samus' story should escape the graphical confines of the Game Boy and be re-imagined.

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