Houston's 5 Best Social Bike Rides

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Heather Vidrine
Critical Mass Houston, January 2013
As Houston's cycling infrastructure has grown, so has its cycling community. There are now social bike rides for nearly every day of the week, each with its own focus and personality. Below, we highlight five of our favorites just in time for the start of training season.

5. Bayou Bikers
Led by renewable energy businessman and former state congressional candidate Michael Skelly, the Bayou Bikers meet at 8 a.m. the first Sunday of every month at Market Square Park for breakfast at Niko Nikos and then a ride along the city's bayou trails. Rides are usually 20 miles or so and the goal is to make use of the many trails following Houston's waterways. The early start helps to beat the heat in Houston summers, but might not be so friendly to your hangover. Mountain bikes or bikes with fat tires are recommended, but there is a B-Cycle station at Market Square Park for handy rental.

4. Bohemeos Badass Bike Ride
Meets at Market Square Park each Thursday evening, gathering at 7 p.m. and rolling out at 7:30. The distance is 14-20 miles and the ride always ends at Bohemeo's, which often showing films on the back patio on Thursday nights. Every kind of bike is welcome, and the ride is no-drop, meaning no one is left behind. However, the first Thursday of every month is a longer, faster-paced ride (14-16mph) and typically ridden on road bikes, so if you can't keep up, skip out on that week.

3. Amy's 28 Miles of Smiles
Doesn't the name just make you want to get on your bike and ride? This group meets at Blue Line Bike Lab's Heights location, 3302 White Oak Drive, every Wednesday and departs about 7:05 p.m., after the first round of fast riders leave. This is a decently-paced (16-18mph), extremely safe ride where no one gets dropped and all the traffic rules are obeyed (i.e. no running red lights to catch up to the pack). Helmets and lights required.

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I'd like to add one more great ride to the mix…soon to become a permanent part of the Houston bike culture landscape - Houston Bicycle Museum's "Magical Museum Mystery Tour" It's going to be more than just another T-shirt ride. 

The inaugural event is September 21, 2014 


The Houston Bicycle Museum is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. The mission of the Museum is to display various models of bicycles in order to educate the public regarding the variety of technological and design changes that have occurred in bicycling over the last 150 years and the influence of bicycles on transportation, fitness and culture. 

We're just getting the word out - hope everyone will join us!!

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