The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Tourist Attractions

Photo by Erion Shehaj
3. Discovery Green
1500 McKinney

Some people call Discovery Green Houston's version of Central Park. We get the comparison -- a large park smack in the middle of downtown, surrounded by skyscrapers. Still, Discovery Green isn't just a Central Park knockoff. It has its own style and flavor. Hundreds of free events are on the park's schedule throughout the year -- from free movie screenings to ice skating, concerts to festivals. Even when there isn't a event going on, there's still plenty to do. We suggest a visit to the Listening Vessels, huge concave sculptures that allow you to stand across the lawn from someone and hear a whispered conversation.

2. The Houston Museum District
Main at Bissonnet

Houston Museum District officials like to boast that visitors can go around the world without ever leaving the zip code. True, we've seen amazing exhibits of art by European masters, heard concerts by Middle-eastern superstars, and petted animals that usually call the polar regions home all in one day.

A visit to the Museum District requires some planning, unless you don't mind circling the neighborhood for a parking area and are okay sharing lunch with 300 elementary school children. The offerings here are world-class, and a little planning can make your visit go smoother. Even if you don't go into any of the museums -- and we enthusiastically recommend that you do -- you can enjoy the district's great architecture and lovely green spaces.

Photo by Heather Cowper
1. Space Center Houston
1601 NASA Pkwy

The pride of Houston -- NASA. It's what made us the Astro-city. These days missions have been grounded, but the historic artifacts of the country's extra-terrestrial adventures and tragedies are preserved at the Space Center Houston. Don't get the idea that Space Center Houston is a museum -- yes, it houses lots of NASA's historical artifacts, but it features a robust schedule of exhibits (Star Wars-related exhibits are a favorite, for obvious reasons) and 'interactive adventures' (translation: on-hands exhibits packed with bells and whistles for kids).

Our favorite Space Center Houston event? The regular Lunch with an Astronaut offerings. A genuine, real life astronaut with plenty of amazing stories to tell sits at every table with a small group of visitors. Very, very cool.

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Rice University

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Discovery Green Conservancy

1500 McKinney, Houston, TX

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The Menil Collection

1515 Sul Ross, Houston, TX

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Yes, these are all beautiful places of Houston's and these are the reasons by which lot of tourist come here to see beautiful scenario of Houston. I hope that number of tourist will increase day by day for sure. Thanks


It is important for the government tourist agencies plan and develop tourism carefully so that the tourist can benefit without creating social and environmental problems.


well Houston USED to have a decent theme park in AstroWorld, but now not even that.. it's a shame that visitors to the 4th largest city in the country are stuck with such limited choices as "attractions" - the old shut-down Astrodome?.. come on!.. Downtown tunnels?!  puh-lease!!.. "The Galleria", srsly?!..  Museums? yah, that sounds like great fun for teenagers!..  This list is proof that while politicians kept going on about wanting Houston to be a "World Class" city, all they did was line their own pockets and those of their cronies and friends with money that could have gone into something worth taking the "entire" family to, and not a bunch of stale Museums, or restaurants and a giant mall all selling over-priced food and merchandise..  Thanks Houston - for making Dallas and Austin the de-facto places to vacation in Texas..

T.j. Dubz
T.j. Dubz

It appears we need some more tourist attractions.


Re Space Center Houston:  When I first came to Houston (1969 as a visitor), you could walk around the Space Center and see a functioning space program - for free.  Now, it is an expensive theme park, with a tenuous relationship to NASA.  I might include this Gulf Freeway ordeal on my top ten list, but Number One?  The Menil Gallery!

Lea Brice Hougland
Lea Brice Hougland

Erik Andrew Hougland Just in time for your dad and Aunt Pam to visit. :)

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