The British (Royal Baby) is Coming! 10-Plus Babies That Made Headlines

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If the anticipation of Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby were likened to an earthquake, it would have already taken down the entire state of California in some horror/sci-fi movie starring Will Smith. This baby is the biggest news to hit England since America successfully seceded.

In this country we've had high expectancy about some of our celebs expecting, but nothing quite like what's going on in England. We do like our celeb babies, though and sometimes we go overboard on magazine covers, media coverage, fan-fiction, what have you.

Of the most anticipated babies to be born in the past few years, here are ten that made the most headlines.

10. Moroccan and Monroe Carey-Cannon

We could believe this was twins but who knew it would last

I think the world made such a big deal about these twins was because no one really believed that their parents, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, were actually going to last long enough as a couple to bring children into the world. We were wrong. These twins are now two years old and I imagine their daily existence involves a lot of glitter and drum-lining.

9. Sean and Jayden James Federline

Baby Sean was the first son of "chaotic" parents Britney Spears and Kevin Federline and the media went crazy over his birth. People were in such disbelief that Spears would not only marry but allow herself to conceive a baby with this guy, that little Sean made headlines. Jayden James followed a year later.

8. Scout Willis

Credit: Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair
In 1991, Demi Moore graced the cover of Vanity Fair in her birthday suit, seven months pregnant. People were outraged by how she embraced her preggo body. It led to a media frenzy over the birth of Scout, the progeny of Moore and her then-husband Bruce Willis. It might have also had to do with the fact that Scout was born before celebrity baby names ventured into "wacky" territory.

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