Newsflash: Apparently People Think the Perry Voodoo Dolls Are Really Magic

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So last week I ran an article on Michelle Sinched and her project of selling voodoo dolls of Governor Rick Perry and donating proceeds to Planned Parenthood in protest of his new abortion initiatives. It was a quick bit of journalism that was more of a celebration of the quirkiness of one of my favorite local artists than anything else. I had no idea that when I penned it the next morning it would spread everywhere from Huffington Post to Glenn Beck's The Blaze.

Which is fine, of course. It's always gratifying as a reporter to see your work make its way into national news. Not bad for ten minutes worth of a Facebook PM conversation. And hey, the more people know that you can get a quality corset in Houston in addition to a handmade fetish of Rick Perry the more I feel I've contributed to the diversity of the city.

Then I read the comments and I discovered something I did not know... there are people who believe in black magic to the freakin' bone. I mean, they honestly see what is pretty obviously a cross between a joke and protest art and instead interpret it as actual maleficarum. Look, I believe plenty of wacky things. Two separate editors have questioned whether I know Doctor Who is just a TV show, but if you think that a few dolls made from leftover sewing project scraps actually constitutes an occult act then you are out to lunch.

With plenty of folks to eat with. Check it out.

Corset Maker Crafts Perry Anti-Abortion Voodoo Dolls to Benefit Planned Parenthood

This is going to surprise the hell out of you, but most of the people who commented on the story on The Blaze were actually pretty sane. Plenty of people who had strong feelings against abortion, sure, but not as many nuts who thought that Sinched was selling Death Eater starter kits.

Then there's folks like this... the only way a voodoo doll can backfire on you is if you accidentally stab yourself with a pin. Or, I guess, if you blew the money for your psyche meds on a doll.

You hear that girls? Corsets equal sluts, sluts equal abortions, and you should buy a doll to keep that particular hump train a-rolling on the tracks.

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Not worried, Voodoo & Voodun can also be used in good manners and ways. People always focus on the negatives of these perceptions of reality (beliefs). Any ways, there is thing called a "Novelty"... and there are people called "Morons"... unfortunately we live in a world where both exist. I would like to think that even if people disagree with important people, those in power are not complete and total morons. It's hard to get to the top if you can't even open a door or tie your shoes. Besides, these dolls help some people get rid of frustrations and are always purchased as gag gifts for others. Some people are fans and want a mini version too. the percentage of people who actually buy them and use them with intent to do harm is practically none. 

A good laugh, fun for parties, great gag gifts, but malicious? rarely.

Kelley Smith
Kelley Smith

yes. but you have to believe, mean it & it's well deserved. my native-american grandma taught me this.

Kristina Michel
Kristina Michel

Not likely. Or else all the people out there poking their Perry dolls would've put him in the hospital.


Oh they are real. Also, vaccinations do cause autism. And don't even get me started on chemtrails.


You could fill several Tumblrs with just the different flavors of insane comments from The Blaze.

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@smkyle Also, Obama's a Muslim, I'm a ninja, and if you don't believe me ask the minotaur ;)

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