10 Dogs From the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows Who Need Their Own Memes

Photos by Allison Hess.
Honorable Mention: Does this dog seem just a little too happy to you?
Let's be honest: if you're on the Internet there's a good chance you like photos of dogs doing silly things. There's nothing in the world, aside from maybe penguins, that makes for better meme fodder than dogs. We love seeing man's best friend be man's best fool.

The Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows is a five day extravaganza of all things dog related, and it's also the perfect place to find new faces for new memes to spread all across the world of social media. Here are our 10 favorite we found.

10. The "OMG Mom You Won't Believe This" Dog

9. The "It Takes A Lot Of Work To Look Good" Dog

8. The "How Much Longer Am I In Time Out Dad?" Dog

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