Rest of the Best: Top 10 Things You Can Do in Houston for $5

I'm not a rich man because believe it or not it's really hard to find someone to pay you large amounts of money for talking about Doctor Who and steampunk sex toys. Because of that I am usually on the lookout for a deal when it comes to entertainment. Turns out there are some pretty amazing things you can do in Houston for the price of a single portrait of Mr. Lincoln. What will $5 let you do here? Well you can...

10: Play Pool All Night at Slick Willie's: On Wednesday nights the Slick Willie's on Fountainview has Wristband Wednesday. Patrons can play pool all night for only $5, which is a pretty fantastic deal. They also have a live DJ, Rob Rock, spinning from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

9. Where the Girls Are: Weekday nights are usually when you see deals in the nightlife in Houston. If pool isn't your thing you could also head over to the Last Concert Café for Where the Girls Are on Tuesdays. The weekly shows feature three to four female fronted bands with a $5 cover charge, and the money raised actually goes to charity. Robin Kirby, Wendy Elizabeth Jones, Susan Gibson, Lady and the Tramps, and more all make appearances. It's a good cheap way to acquaint yourself with the feminine side of Houston music.

8. Red Beans and Rice at Pappadeaux: For my money there are two great, guilty pleasure meals that you can pick up in Houston for $5. The first is the red beans and rice at any Pappadeaux's. It's listed as a side, but it covers a plate. If you nab it as takeout it serves as a two whole meals, and has a damn near perfect blend of spices. Or sit in with a glass of water and your total with tip comes to just over $5. They tend to be a little light on the sausage in the dish, though, which is why it's ranked after...

7. Frito Pie at 59 Diner: 59 Diner doesn't have the best chili in Houston, but it probably has the best cheap chili in Houston. Just thick, meaty goodness for an amazing price. Unlike the red beans in rice I mentioned it doesn't make for much of a take-away meal, but that's fine because the Frito pie is so good you're not going to leave any anyway.

6. Feed a Giraffe: The Houston Zoo is constantly being updated in new and awesome ways, and the new African forest is a marvel. Until the gorilla enclosure opens in 2015, the best part of the trek to the back of the zoo is the chance to feed the giraffes at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. A $5 ticket gets you three large leaves of lettuce, and the giraffes are super gentle and friendly. No petting them, unfortunately, but it's a thrill to see their big black tongues come snaking out to snatch the greens right from your hand.

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You missed "see fantastic theatre at Catastrophic"! All performances are pay what you can.


Where the Girls Are rocks! And guys, who doesn't want to be "where the girls are?"

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