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Put down the magazine and plop in front of your computer screen.
Five days a week I wake up and start my day with The Three Bs: Breakfast, Beauty, and Blogs. I pour myself a cup of coffee, make myself gorgeous in front of the mirror (okay, I moisturize), and then sit down to review my favorite blogs. These consist largely of beauty, perfume, and fashion blogs with a few political sites thrown in. The first 90 minutes of my day are all about about skincare, makeup, and clothes--and I do it all for you.

Lately I've been taking a break from the mainstream selections--national sites like Into the Gloss, and Go Fug Yourself--and checking out some of our local Houston fashionistas. I'm finding a lot to like. Come, let me introduce you to ten people who will reduce your productivity tenfold! (But you'll look a lot better while you're doing less.)

We Wear Things

I ran into two of the bloggers for We Wear Things at a recent Clarins beauty event, and recognized them immediately from their photos. I love their photo-heavy blog, where several bloggers cover fashion, jewelry, beauty, and local events. The blog has an edge, but with an approachable sense of humor I appreciate.

We Wear Things on Facebook & Twitter


This is a fashion/beauty blog for low-maintenance readers who don't have 90 minutes a day to peruse their favorite beauty blogs. Updated 1-2 times per month, Houstonista tosses in some home design and décor with the fashion and beauty coverage. Drop in once a month and you'll be all caught up.

Houstonista on Facebook & Twitter

Southern Chic Style

Great photos are enough to keep me coming back to a blog, and Southern Chic Style has great photos. Don't let the Tumblr address fool you--blogger Bethany Marie has a lot to say on fashion and beauty. Excellent "I could be doing something else, but why would I?" reading material.

Southern Chic Style on Facebook & Twitter

Magen Pastor

Magen Pastor had me at "lifestyle, fashion, photography." She's an ambitious blogger, with several weekly updates on events, fashion, food, and more. She is also a mom, so you get glimpses of her adorable 4-year-old twins here and there.

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