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Pretty Shiny Sparkly

I met Pretty Shiny Sparkly blogger Kristina at an FGI Houston event a few months ago. I was stunned to discover that beauty blogging isn't her day job--she's a resident anesthesiologist in "real life" but has a passion for what she calls the "feminine aesthetic." With a particular focus on beauty, makeup, and skincare, PSS has more than 150,000 readers per month. Looks like some of us (me!) are a little late to the party.

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Lynne Gabriel

Lynne Gabriel describes her blog a "virtual style diary" and I dig it. She breaks down her outfits into components, while showing us a total, head-to-toe styled look. I'm inspired enough by her aesthetic to have purchased a pair of sandals just because Lynne was wearing them.

Lynne Gabriel on Facebook & Twitter

Style to Envy

I've been following Style to Envy on Twitter for a while now, and I am a big fan of the blog as well. Writers Val and Nikki take a practical approach to fashion (shopping your own closet, how to get the most out of pieces, duplicating high-end looks) with an eye toward what is on-trend at the moment.

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Stylewise blogger Brooke is currently dressing her baby bump for summer, so expectant mothers may particularly enjoy her recent posts. I'm addicted to Brooke's positive, upbeat attitude. Also, I want her hair.

Stylewise on Facebook & Twitter

The Chic Sheet by Roz Pactor

The "Around Houston's Shopping Districts" guide alone is amazing. Roz Pactor's "Fashion Through my Red Glasses" blog has everything a fashionable Houstonian needs to know: where to shop, where to eat, info on sales and events, trunk shows, and generally anything fashionable that is happening in the city at any given moment. You must visit this website before you even think about leaving the house for a day of shopping.

The Chic Sheet on Facebook & Twitter

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