10 Best Artwork of Hitler on Etsy (NSFW)

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Hitler is unique in the world in that he is both almost universally regarded as the worst human being in written history, but also serves as a kind of buffoonish pop-culture supervillain. Between the snazzy outfits, distinctive mustache, and the fact that his entire reign over Germany resembled a plot by Cobra Commander he remains a popular figure of our society's psyche.

And he's a constant subject of art. Today we'll look at the crafty people on Etsy that have put paint to canvass or whatever in order to filter Hitler through the eyes of modern art.

Rocks Off
Pissed Grave: Let's Pee On American Hitler

First we have Kevin Keeton with a little parody fun. The classic Jaws poster has obviously been altered to read, "Jews," and Hitler's small boat looks like it's moments away from receive a big bite of Karma... or whatever the Chosen People's equivalent of that is.

V. Canavarro of Portugal is the man behind this black and white oil work. It's Hitler dressed as a priest, though he bears a swastika rather than a crucifix. It's a haunting work, one of those paintings that follow you with its eyes wherever you go, but does strike some chords about the nature of blind faith and the role of the occult in the Third Reich.

Our friend Megan here has made something truly remarkable in this piece of pop art. The traditional swastika is represented by Hitler himself saluting, and the cyclical nature of the piece calls to mind the circular logic of the oppression used by the Nazis. Hitler boldly leads no one anywhere. Brilliant stuff.

Cherry Martini says this acrylic painting is an abstract representation of Hitler being haunted by a demon telling him to do terrible things. Personally, I think she just drew a picture of Edgar Allen Poe and decided it would be funnier if he had a Hitler mustache. Good use of color, though, especially how the background suggests a blazing inferno.

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