Doctor Who: The Top 5 Doctor Who Stories Never Made

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Over the course of 50 years Doctor Who has had 239 different stories, encompassing almost 800 individual episodes. We've got two more this year to look forward to, the 50th Anniversary special in November and the Christmas special where Matt Smith will step out of the Tardis for the last time and welcome the new Doctor.

That is a Guinness World Record holding amount of television, but not every story gets made. Sometimes scripts just don't make it to the final phase of production. This continues all the way up into the present series. Today I thought we'd look at the best stories never told.

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5. The Laird of McCrimmon: Near the end of the Second Doctor's second season his companion Jamie McCrimmon becomes possessed and pilots the Tardis back to his ancestral castle in Scotland. There he finds the current Laird of McCrimmon on his death bed. The whole thing is a plot by the Great Intelligence and his robotic yeti to inhabit the body of Jamie and begin the conquest of Scotland and later the world with him as a puppet laird successor.

The serial would have served as Jamie's departure from the Tardis, voluntarily leaving the crew after driving off the Great Intelligence with his new love interest, a girl named Fiona. It would have been the proper heroic send-off for one of the Doctor's most loyal and courageous companions, and certainly less dumb than dropping him back in a battlefield with amnesia.

Why It Never Happened: The creators of the yeti and the Great Intelligence, Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln, got into a bitter dispute with the BBC over the rights to their other creation, the Quarks from "The Dominators." As such, the monsters were off-limits, and didn't make a return to the series proper until last year in "The Snowmen" aside from a brief cameo in "The Five Doctors" and the semi-canon video release "Downtime." On top of that, though Frazer Hines' (Jamie) agent encouraged Hines to leave the show, he remained at the request of Patrick Troughton, who wanted to have The Doctor and Jamie partnered until the very end.

4. Killers of the Dark: The Fourth Doctor, K-9, and Leela journey to Gallifrey, only to become caught up in the machinations of a race of cat-people who lived on the planet with the Time Lords. The race would be a brutal one, who and the plot included death matches in a giant coliseum.

Why It Never Happened: The success of "The Deadly Assassin" prompted the commission of another Gallifrey story. David Weir turned in "Killers of the Dark," drawing on Asian culture to explore the Cat-People race. Nonethless, the script was deemed far too ambitious for the show's budget, and the return to Gallifrey was replaced with "The Invasion of Time." The Cat-People would go on to be featured in an unrelated Gary Russell spin-off novel.

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