5 Messed Up Things You Didn't Know About Wolverine

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Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, and I mean this with the utmost sincerity, is almost complete unique in the realm of cinema. No matter how bad a film he is in, be it the third X-Men flick or his first spin-off film, you never for a second doubt Jackman's portrayal as Wolverine. You recognize the crappy scripts the stupid stories, but Jackman himself is almost immune to any criticism because he is the best option for Wolverine since Danzig porked up despite being otherwise a Broadway star.

The only, and I mean the only, other example I can find to compare Jackman to is Christopher Lee as Dracula. No one ever questioned the more flawed of the Hammer Dracula flicks because Christopher Lee is more badass as than any ten people you know. Jackman's Wolverine has that kind of cache.

So I dug into comic history to find the five things that Wolverine has been stuck with over the years to see if there was anything so ridiculous that even Jackman couldn't sell it to an American movie-going public. I found five things. C'mon Hollywood, I dare you...

Wolverine is Really a Wolverine: Now, mutants are already the world's laziest origin story. It's basically Superman without bothering to put a baby in a rocketship, and here at the University With One F we do not grade incomplete work.

Yet Wolverine's first appearance wasn't as a mutant, but in a feature with the Hulk and Wendigo. Co-creator Len Wein stated that Wolverine was supposed to be a mutated wolverine cub with claws in his gloves whose humanoid form was the work of the High Evolutionary. This has since been ignored, as has...

Wolverine is Part of a Race of Dog People: Jeph Loeb is... well, he's an idiot. OK, not really, he's brilliant, but they allow him way too much power of iconic characters. Consider his run on Wolverine.

In Loeb's retcon Logan and Sabertooth are not mutants, but rather part of a long line of dog and cat people respectively. Never mind that the wolverine is more closely related to the weasel than the dog, but whatever. Loeb also introduced the idea that the Weapon X project was all in Logan's head, and we've all rightfully pretended it's never happened since then.

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Donald Hayes
Donald Hayes

A lot of typos in there!! Jef must have been on top of his deadline trying to get that piece in!


The last point wasn't even cannon. That's from the Ultimate universe, separate from the regular marvel universe. I hate reading posts about comics from people who don't really know comics well. Sigh.

MadMac topcommenter

Fun stuff and five reasons I took a LONG time out from comics. I remember the nice lady who ran Phoenix Comics telling me, "You fan boys think you want a Wolverine origin but when you get it, you're gonna be miffed, (sic)." Then I read Weapon X. Boy-howdie was she right.

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@Donald Hayes Always and forever, my man ;)

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