Kill Your Productivity: Five Awesome Videos From Comic-Con Worth Watching On The Clock

Photo by Liz Ohanesian.
Yes, there is more to Comic-Con that just cosplay.
Here's the thing about San Diego Comic-Con: if you don't make it in to the presentations, it's going to be a long time before you get to see the cool stuff that gets shown. Sure, some things make it out of Hall H and in to the real world - remember the big Avengers announcement from a few years back? - but for the most part those of us on the outside looking in have to settle for reading about how cool things are instead of seeing them for ourselves.

Some of us are still waiting to see the Godzilla teaser from last year. Sigh.

Of course, those gatekeepers of information do throw us bones now and then. What follows is a collection of trailers and other assorted fun from last weekend. If you like anything even remotely nerdy, there's a good chance there's something here for you.

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Riddick - Red Band Trailer

I'm not sure how to feel about another Riddick movie just yet, but this new trailer goes a long way to making me cautiously optimistic that it might not be a bad idea. While it lacks the scale of Chronicles of Riddick, it does look like they're amping up the violence. Weird to see Vin in a movie that doesn't involve car chases. Fingers crossed for some fun one-liners.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Official Trailer #2

The first Hunger Games movie got a lot of things right. The casting was excellent, it was well shot, and the world they built on screen was really interesting. It was a fun film in spite of the slightly awful script. As the series takes an even more serious turn in the second installment, it'll be interesting to see if the writing is any better this time around. Here's hoping the odds are in our favor.

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