5 Reasons This Trailer-Hoarding at Comic Con Has Got to Stop

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Why Regular Show Is So Huge at Comic-Con This Year

3. It's going to backfire eventually: There's a very fine line between building anticipation and failing to deliver. Right now, whenever you knock down any attempt to throw your precious Comic Con-exclusive trailer on YouTube, you're leaving the reporting of it entirely in the hands of a few, very dedicated individuals.

All I know of any of the trailers I'm interested in is what has been reported by other journalists. They have to describe shots in boring detail, and they miss a lot because a trailer is inherently a quick, excitable experience. Describing any one individually is really hard, and eventually you're going to allow the word to get out from under your control. There's a reason that social media has killed second-day returns on films. It's because we hear our friends say, 'This sucks' and it will spread much faster than if you'd just let us see it.

2. It's really unfair: I know you feel like you need to give fans attending Comic Con something extra, but why in the hell would you? They already get to attend panels with and get autographs from stars who don't otherwise do the convention circuit. There's literally miles of stuff for which every marketing department in the world has sent representatives.

The people who are at Comic Con don't need exclusive trailers; they get to ask Matt Smith questions and hear exclusive interviews. Wait a minute...

1. It's completely insane: So let me get this straight... Comic Con offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to attend panels and workshops and hear stars and creators go in-depth on our favorite movies and television shows and comic books and video games. Yet most of those things are going to go right up on YouTube, completely negating the draw of attending.

But you'll debut trailers...easily the things that the Internet does best besides porn, then spend weeks or months making sure that no one shares them with anyone. Is the message that I'm getting here that Comic Con's unique draw is a trailer fest? Stop hogging the stupid trailer. It makes no damned sense!

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I agree with LoneAviator, besides, you're implying that everyone that goes to SDCC gets to do all that things, when in reality you only have a limited time to do stuff and unless you camp out in the cold, wet grass all night you aren't gonna get into hall H for any day that's not Thursday. 

I have seen people spend hundreds of dollars to attend SDCC, between tickets, hotels, planes even, I think they deserve something exclusive. So either pay up and attend and get the cool exclusives or shut up and deal with it.


I think this is only partly correct. Comic con people go there to get something exclusive: give it to them, fine. But the trailers should perhaps get a delayed release on the net. Like, a guarantee that exactly 2-4 weeks later they'll be available online so that all fans get something.


Could you have been any more whiny or self entitled? You're having a hissy fit over TRAILERS! Go get some fresh air and grow a pair.


I'd like to add that some of us who did make the pilgrimage to Comic Con still missed out, and not for lack of trying. I got in line for that 12:30pm Doctor Who panel at 6am...and still couldn't make it into the room. Not being able to see the trailer after all that feels like such a slap in the face.


@Karin_h So according to you if I would want to see exclusives, like the doctor who 50th trailer, I should spent THOUSANDS of EUROS (cus i'm overseas) to see it? I don't know if you got that kind of money sitting around but I certainly haven't.

And if it wasn't for the overseas moviefans a lot of US movies wouldn't have done that great...

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@rmulnprncss8472 I was going to mention that as a probability, but had no anecdotes to back it up. Thank you for saying it, and I'm really sorry :(


@JefWithOneF Thank you. I was so frustrated, and the only consolation at the time was that the trailer was bound to pop up online soon. The fact that it doesn't appear to be coming out in the near future just makes me sad.

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