The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Small Churches and Temples (Architecturally)

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

We got some notes about our The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Churches and Temples list last week. According to readers, we managed to leave off several important houses of worship. Last week we looked at large structures; this week we look at small, intimate structures. Hopefully the two lists together give a more complete picture of Houston's most beautiful churches and temples.

Last week the new co-cathedral downtown was notably missing from our list (it's ugly, sorry), but this week, Roman Catholic structures abound. Seems that, for a while anyway, the Catholic church did small very, very well.

See what made it to our list this week - and what didn't.

Photo by Aleksey Domozhirov
10. St. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church
24 Tidwell Road

We start our list with St. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church, located in Houston's north side. Its multitude of icons and traditional Russian decoration makes it one of the most beautiful churches in town.

9. Newman Center at Texas Southern University
3535 Wheeler Avenue

Perhaps the smallest chapel on our list is the Catholic Newman Center at Texas Southern University. Fewer than a dozen pews fill the modern structure. (Notice the two circular walls on the front of the building? They house skylights that flood the altar area with light during the chapel's daytime services. The Newman Center serves the Catholic students at Texas Southern University and residents in the surrounding area.

8. Rothko Chapel
3900 Yupon

Rothko Chapel is perhaps the most famous holy space in town. It's known around the world as a standing tribute to Mark Rothko's artistic viewpoint and blends art, spirituality and the quest for human rights.

Regular worship services aren't held at Rothko Chapel, although non-denominational services, lectures and concerts are regularly scheduled. In general, the chapel is a place for individual meditation.

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All Saints Catholic Church

215 E. 10th Street, Houston, TX

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The chapel at Holly Hall is also very small and impressive, by the Houston architects MacKie and Kamrath.   The Newman Center got an unfortunate paint job that really made an interesting building much more bland.

MadMac topcommenter

Very nice, Ms. Flores Alvarez. I would suggest Saint Mary's in Third Ward. It is beautiful and understated.

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