Ten Questionable T-Shirts Seen at Electric Daisy Carnival (NSFW)

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Because one idea is synonymous with the other.

Electric Daisy Carnival took place last weekend in Las Vegas, bringing the EDM generation out en masse to celebrate its love of sensory overstimulation and all things electronic. The scene inside the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where the festival is being held, was a sight to behold, with fireworks, complex stage productions, lights, carnival rides, lasers, art installations and music on seven stages.

Nothing about this festival is subtle, clothing included. While the look for ladies erred on the side of mostly naked, many of the dudes went with a frat rave look via statement T-shirts. Here, some of the most eyebrow-raising messages spotted at EDC.

Seems like an assumption, but hey, great point!

We're a long way from PLUR right here.

Left: "Cool story hoe, now suck my dick." Right: "All I do is fuck and party." Charming!

This is legitimately scary!

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aaaaaand EDM is officially on its way out. again. somwhere, the chemical bros are crying.

H_e_x like.author.displayName 1 Like

@Selena.Dieringer The funny (and by funny I mean depressing) thing about that is that most people there probably have no idea who the Chemical Brothers are.


Right? They probably think the Chemical Bros are two dudes from the burbs who make meth in their garage.

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