Real Awards For Digital Things: A Social Media Look At The Houston Web Awards

Photo by isiahcarey1.
An award and a cover, what could be better?
If you were ever curious if the people that make you laugh so much online are equally hilarious in real life, we've got good news: they are. If there was any takeaway from last night's 2013 Houston Web Awards, it's that funny people are funny even when they're not restricted to 140 characters or 6 seconds of video.

The Web Awards are a celebration of all the great things going on online, as well as a chance to get out from behind computer monitors for a few hours. But in the age of smart phones no one is ever really away from social media, and we've rounded up our favorite photos and tweets from a great night.

(We grabbed these photos from Instagram and Twitter, but if you decide you'd rather not have us share your photo just drop us a line.)

Photo by jennyjohnsonhi5.
Two of our celebrity presenters, really excited to be there.

Tweets like this are why Shea won Funniest Twitter Account.
We wonder if winning the award will warrant a mention on Houstorian's twitter next June 27th.

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