See How Sandcastles Get Built In These Vines From The AIA Sandcastle Competition

Photo & Vines by Francisco Montes.
There's something fascinating about sandcastle art, and I've narrowed down why to two reasons. The first is that it's something that, unlike most art, most of us have a frame of reference for. While we may never have painted in watercolors or drawn anything more than a doodle, most of us have been to the beach and played in the sand.

The second is that we're aware that sandcastle art is temporary. Most works of art are built to last for years, perhaps even forever if things go well. When we look at a really cool piece done in sand we know that it's only temporary, and there's beauty in the ephemeral.

Or it could just be that sandcastles are simply awesome.

LAst Saturday engineers, designers, architects and more hit the beach for the 27th Annual AIA (American Institute of Architects) Houston Sandcastle Competition. Check out these Vine videos to see how they put their creations together.

As you can see, they're not just using plastic buckets and shovels. These are legit construction projects.

What kind of nerves do you have to have to get in to hardcore sandcastling? I'd be worried about one sneeze ruining an hour of work.

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