The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Cemeteries

Photo by Mike Schaffner
The Angel of Grief monument, Hill family plot, Glenwood Cemetery
2. Glenwood Cemetery

Often called the River Oaks for the Dead, Glenwood counts actress Gene Tierney, Howard Hughes, George Hermann, Anson Jones (the last President of Texas), as well as members of the Rice, Hobby, Baker and Botts families among its permanent residents. Glenwood, with its lovely garden-like setting and tranquil atmosphere, may be a victim of its own success, there are so many tourists and visitors to the cemetery that buses have been recently banned. It's always a favorite stop on cemetery tours in the area.

1. Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery

Our choice for the top spot on the list is Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery. It is the third largest cemetery in Texas and jammed with luminaries including Jesse Jones, Hugh Roy Cullen, Oscar Holcombe, "Red" Adair, Lloyd Bentsen and murderer Karla Faye Tucker (the last woman to be put to death in Texas). The setting is what we like best about Forest Park Lawndale. Buildings on the grounds have Tiffany stained-glass windows and spectacular statues dot the graves. There's a pond and small lake on site and a wonderful and wide bend of Braes Bayou that winds along one side of the property. Consequently the cemetery is home to several ducks.

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Forest Park Lawndale Funeral Home

6900 Lawndale St., Houston, TX

Category: General

Olivewood Cemetery

1300 Court St., Houston, TX

Category: General

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Glenwood Cemetery may be the prettiest spot in Houston and should have won this hands down.  It's a shame you gotta be dead to live there.


Just went on a picnic in Glenwood this last Saturday and I'm not even Goth. I'd never been before. Nice place. Not much on the interesting side of engravings for doing gravestone rubbings though, unfortunately.

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