The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Cemeteries

Photo by Adam Baker
4. St. Vincent's Cemetery

St. Vincent's Cemetery, attached to the grounds of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic church is the only burial ground on our list that also sometimes serves as a playground. The Our Lady of Guadalupe school, hemmed in as it is on all sides, sometimes allows the school kids to play in the cemetery. We can recall an especially energetic game of kickball where the score was thrown into question over whether or not one of the runners had indeed touched second base (a convenient headstone). Cries of "But Miss, he didn't touch the dead guy!" erupted as the losers protested the run. St. Vincent's, which dates back to 1852, counts Texas Revolution heroes and earliest pioneers as residents. Dick Dowling is buried here.

3. Forest Park East Cemetery

Another Forest Park entry on our list, East Cemetery was founded in 1951. Lots of NASA big shots are buried there, as is one of the victims of the Aggie bonfire debacle and Andrea Yates's five young children.

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Forest Park Lawndale Funeral Home

6900 Lawndale St., Houston, TX

Category: General

Olivewood Cemetery

1300 Court St., Houston, TX

Category: General

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Glenwood Cemetery may be the prettiest spot in Houston and should have won this hands down.  It's a shame you gotta be dead to live there.


Just went on a picnic in Glenwood this last Saturday and I'm not even Goth. I'd never been before. Nice place. Not much on the interesting side of engravings for doing gravestone rubbings though, unfortunately.

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