The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Cemeteries

Photo by Adam Baker
7. Forest Park Westheimer Cemetery

We had to have the first feng shui cemetery on our list. Because of the large number of Asian residents, the cemetery altered some of its design plans to accommodate the teachings of the ancient system to achieve perfect spiritual balance in physical world.
Former Mayor Roy Hofheinz and defense attorney Percy Foreman are among those that call Forest Park Westheimer home.

6. College Park Cemetery

The final resting ground of Jack Yates, a famous civil rights leader of the 1800s, College Park is the fourth oldest African American cemetery in Houston. It's showing signs of both neglect and restoration these days.

5. Congregation Beth Israel Cemetery

If you shopped in Houston anytime before 1980, you'll recognize lots of the names on the headstones in Beth Israel. Dating back to 1844, it's the oldest Jewish cemetery in Texas with members of the Battlestein, Levy, Gordon, Finger, Meyer and Sakowitz families interned there. There are also a couple of Zindlers, as well as Ben Taub (the dead guy, not the hospital), and a few rather famous rabbis such as Henry Barnston and Hyman Judah Schachtel. This is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Texas.

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Forest Park Lawndale Funeral Home

6900 Lawndale St., Houston, TX

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Olivewood Cemetery

1300 Court St., Houston, TX

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Glenwood Cemetery may be the prettiest spot in Houston and should have won this hands down.  It's a shame you gotta be dead to live there.


Just went on a picnic in Glenwood this last Saturday and I'm not even Goth. I'd never been before. Nice place. Not much on the interesting side of engravings for doing gravestone rubbings though, unfortunately.

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