The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Indoor Playgrounds (with Air Conditioning!)

3. Memorial City Mall
303 Memorial City Way

Personally, my go to indoor playground is the set up in the Memorial City Mall. It's
easily the best of all the mall playgrounds in Houston, with a huge tree house, two slides,
a sea serpent to climb, tunnels to hide in, and a very friendly atmosphere. The playground is gated and manned by a security guard, so there's no danger of your kids wandering off into the mall, and the whole setup is surrounded by very comfortable seating so you can relax while they run wild. It's also totally free, and open during mall hours.

Being in the mall, you also have the option to go ride the carousel for $2 (Parents are free as long as they're not on an animal), the train that circles the mall for $4, and you can take soda and popcorn breaks at the nearby Target for $1 each.

2. Children's Museum of Houston
1500 Binz St

I was honestly not going to include the Children's Museum on this list. It's the only
option where you're likely to have to pay to park, there's zero chance your child won't
drag you out into the sun (Which is the purpose of this guide), and the open air tricycle
area upstairs is hotter than a cookie sheet right out of the oven. Still, they have probably
the best toddler-aged playroom in the city upstairs, and the activities in the museum itself
are always a good way to expend some energy while getting a little extra learning in.
Also, there are catapults, and may lightning strike me if I ever fail to endorse a place that
allows my daughter to use a catapult.

1. Jumping World USA
14147 Northwest Freeway

Though they have a kid's court and moonwalks, Jumping World is really for older
children and teens. And those kids will have the time of their lives! I grew up with a
trampoline, and this is the perfect way to go Super Mario without all that pesky falling
down and almost dying involved. The open floor is enormous and kids will instantly be
in sheer Heaven the moment they step out onto the trampolines. There's even a dodgeball league you can join. You have to pay by the hour, unfortunately, but the odds of you being able to take more than an hour of hardcore jump action are pretty slim. Jumping World is just incredible.

If your kids are gamers, check out our Top 10 Places for Video Games in Houston. We've got a wonderful guide for comic fans as well.

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Children's Museum of Houston

1500 Binz, Houston, TX

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Memorial City Mall

900 N. Gessner Road, Houston, TX

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7810 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX

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You forgot Lone Star Bounce Town in Pearland. My 2 year old loves it!

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