May Kickstarter Round-Up: Caveman Chow and Ayn Rand Games

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I have to be honest with you, I almost killed this column. That's how little I like the cut of Zach Braff's jib. Then I thought, "Screw him, I'm still going to showcase the Houstonians crowdfunding awesome ideas!

There are two reasons I want you to fund this MMORPG even though it's a type of game I detest and I will in all likelihood never play it. The first is that the technology demo looks amazing. I haven't fallen so in love with scenery in a game since Xenoblade. Whatever else happens, Nexeon Technologies's game will be beautiful.

But the real reason I want to see it in action is because it's a Libertarian's wet dream. The game takes place after the fall of an all-controlling government and its PVP environment is anything goes. The battle system rewards skill, not levels, which means that it rewards tricks, not prolonged effort. Your virtual apartment can be robbed, and there are no safe zones. By the designer's own admission, it's a griefer's playpen.

Which means we can see that anarcho-captialist utopia that all the Rand fans want to see play out in real time rather than watching it as a story in BioShock. This will be the stuff of intertube legends, full of YouTube gold and online dickery the likes of which we have never seen. Even if you have no desire to play the game, it's very existence makes the gaming world all the more interesting and wonderful.

Goal: $50,000 by June 6

I'm quite keen on the Houston food truck revolution because it combines entrepreneurs with vehicles and usually provides me with meat... and I like meat. Our friend Dan here wants to operate a truck that serves food cavemen would have eaten prior to about 8,000 BCE. That means meat with no bread, simple greens, and did I mention the big hunts of fire cooked meat?

For only $20 you can earn two free meals from the truck, which seems a fair deal to me. Big dollar folks can exercise the $500 option and name some Caveman Chow whatever they want, and that is possibly the best legacy I can think of. The founder says he's lost 50 pounds on this diet as well, and that is just the icing on the cake you won't be eating.

Goal: $30,000 by May 31

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