Pop Rocks: Hugh Jackman Is On Twitter To Answer All Some Of Your Wolverine Questions

Funny hair, fingernails are too long, needs chest wax - 2/10 would not bang.
Got a question about The Wolverine? Of course you do, and now you can ask the man himself (or the actor who plays him, anyway):

Fans are getting the special opportunity to ask Hugh Jackman questions about the highly anticipated film "The Wolverine." Check out the Twitter pages for Hugh Jackman and The Wolverine on Thursday, May 2nd at 12:00 pm ET to see Hugh answer your questions via video!

Start tweeting your questions now with #TheWolverine #AskHugh and comment on Facebook for the chance to have them presented.

This goes up on Art Attack at 8 AM CT, there's still time to send in those super important queries. Some of us, however, aren't lazy bums like you and have already submitted our own. So before you get to it, make sure you're not being redundant.

Here are my questions. I tried to keep things interesting without compromising my journalistic integrity:


I patiently await Mr. Jackman's responses.

Naturally, there are THOUSANDS of people asking questions already. 90% of which are some variation of "What other Marvel superhero would you like to play?" "Will Wolverine be in Avengers 2?" And, "Why are you so fucking awesome?" I skimmed the rest and came up with a few I thought were particularly sad/hilarious.


Wes is one of many asking training-related questions under the quaint misapprehension any knowledge gained will help him resemble the incredibly jacked Jackman. Meanwhile Eric is clearly forgetting Jackman's turn as the sinister Wyatt in Deception and the dastardly career criminal Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.

Finally, good luck with that, Karime.


What is this shit? "Central theme" of The Wolverine? How about, "He's a stone mutant badass who hates ninjas?" But seriously, I'm sure the psychological transition from "invulnerable murder machine" to "slightly less invulnerable murder machine" and back again will be subtle and rife with meaningful symbolism.

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