Your Bra Does Not Fit -- No, Seriously, It Doesn't

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You didn't really think I was going to use a photo of MY boobs, did you?
In which we talk about boobs...

Several years ago, when Oprah Winfrey still rocked our mid-afternoons with book clubs and hot topics, The Big O set off a firestorm -- a Bra Revolution -- with a segment on proper bra fittings that included fittings for her entire audience, courtesy of Nordstrom. The takeaway from The Big O's Bra Extravaganza: Most women are wearing the wrong size undergarments. Online articles back up that claim, estimating that 80 to 85 percent (!) of women are walking around in ill-fitting lingerie.

The solution: Professional Bra Fitting.

First, where to go? A quick Google of "bra fittings Houston" reveals no shortage of options, including Nordstrom and various boutiques like Intimacy, My Bra Boutique and Top Drawer Lingerie. Intimacy was so busy on the day I stopped in that they were booking appointments, but I was able to score fittings on a walk-in basis at Nordstrom and at Top Drawer at Uptown Park.

At Nordstrom I worked with Masha, who measured my torso to determine the band size, and then grabbed a "fitting bra" to determine cup size. I was wearing a bra two inches and a full cup size too small. "Eight out of ten women wear the wrong-sized bra," said Masha. "You should get fitted once a year to make sure you are wearing the right size." A few other tips from Masha:

  1. Bras vary between styles and manufacturers, so you really need to try on any bra before you buy it.
  2. Bras come with three sets of hooks, but when you buy it should be comfortable on the largest setting. Over time the bra will stretch, and you'll use the next two sets of hooks to tighten the fit.
  3. Washing by hand is best, but you can wash bras in a lingerie bag in the washer. Use a mild detergent, like baby shampoo, to protect the lace and elastic; regular detergent is too harsh.
  4. Do not wear a bra two days in a row, as the elastic needs time to shrink back into place. Three bras give you a good rotation: one wash, one dry, one wear.
  5. All breast tissue should rest inside the cups, and the center point between the cups should hit you in the center of your breastbone.

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I was with everything in this post up until Victoria's Secret was suggested. The truth of the matter is unless your bra fitter at Victoria's Secrets has ignored all of her training they aren't going to fit you into the right size. The fitters are trained to measure OVER your breasts to obtain your band size (which is great if you wear your bra band above your boobs but that's simply not the case) so most women will come out of there with a band size too big. I have nothing against shopping there, but that's the last place I'd suggest someone get sized.

I also wish she would have mentioned that band sizes under 32 do exist. Many women just don't know this fact that could save a lot of stress and back pain. 28 bands and 30 bands are available! Don't settle with a 32 because then your shoulders will take all the weight of your breasts and you'll end up with neck and back pain if you're larger busted!


Did you and Jezebel team up today?  

conebaby topcommenter

@ABraThatFits I had a good experience at VS, though others have responded to this piece that theirs was negative. At VS I was measured under my breasts, around my torso--just like at Nordstrom.

I didn't mean to imply that bands other than 32 did not exist; I was simply writing about my personal experience & measurements. 

conebaby topcommenter

@stinapag I hardly ever read Jezebel anymore, thanks for the head's up!

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