Our 20 Favorite Rides from the 2013 Houston Art Car Parade

Categories: Visual Arts

Photos By Abrahan Garza.
Honorable mention: We've always wanted to go tubing down Allen Parkway.

One imagines that a lot of the appeal of art cars -- aside from the fact that they're often insane looking -- is the fact that it takes art out of the gallery and into the streets. There's nothing stuffy or pretentious about it, it's simply art that anyone from age three to age 83 can understand and enjoy.

With more than 275 entries in the 2013 edition of the Houston Art Car Parade, narrowing down the list to our 20 favorite rides was not easy. We're just happy that there's a thriving art car community that allows us to have this embarrassment of riches to choose from.

20. How can you not feel a swell of patriotic pride when this comes down the road?

Flashback: The Art Car Parade: Enjoying the Ride


19. You can always count on "Heroicar" to save the day!


18. Simple, but lovely all the same.


17. So this is a thing that nightmares are made of.


16. Anyone else feel like singing "Under The Sea" right now?

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Erin Lucas
Erin Lucas

The Art Car Parade is so special and kudos to all the amazing artists who create and share their awesome works of art with us. It really is an event that my entire family looks forward to all year. I think it would be impossible to pick just one as a favorite

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