5 TV Characters That Would Make Better Doctor Who Companions Than Clara

Our review of Saturday's episode, "Journey to the Centre of the Tardis"

Xander Harris (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): If there's anything really missing from the modern series and Doctor Who as a whole it's a good male companion to serve as a bro for The Doctor. He needs someone like Jamie McCrimmon from The Second Doctor's time, a dependable sort, not especially bright, but capable and willing to wade in. No one fits that bill better than the Scooby Gang's personal Zeppo. Throughout seven seasons he lacked super strength, magic, lycanthropy, or anything else that made Buffy's team a match for the denizens of the Hellmouth, but he held his own and survived while never letting an opportunity for a good geeky quip to go by.

Phoebe Buffay (Friends): Fans of Friends know that Phoebe was constantly telling outlandish stories of her troubled youth, and she always seemed to be having even more strange adventures off-screen. Though we certainly don't need anymore non-sequitur randomness on the Tardis at this time, her kindness to the oppressed and fierce temper when threatened would more than make up for it. She's certainly the only character on television you could be certain would not even blink when she walked into a phone box and found it bigger on the inside. She'd just look for a place to set her guitar and get on with it.

Karen Walker (Will & Grace): Now, if there is anyone on TV I am convinced has actually been in the Tardis it's Karen Walker. Throughout the run of Will & Grace she dropped numerous hints of having been alive in impossible time periods like the Great Depression, as well as a alluding to famous people and places she couldn't possibly have known. Either she's a vampire, or at some point she ran away with a madman in a blue box who managed to scramble her brain a bit much upon returning her to New York. It's literally the only possible explanation for her character's behavior.

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These characters make nonsense to me. I can't even take you seriously. Good job not choosing any good characters and it would be better just stop.  


I disagree with most of this article lol but well written nonetheless


You know my thoughts on the current season so I will forego my rant on Moffat and women...

I love these suggestions! Particularly Audrey and Xander. I'll add to the list Cordelia Chase (Buffey and Angel), Peggy Olsen (Mad Men), Bobby Singer or Castiel from Supernatural, or Penny from The Big Bang Theory.

JefWithOneF topcommenter

This comment made nonsense...


@JefWithOneF "These characters made no sense to me. I can't even take you seriously! Good job choosing crappy characters, it'd be better if you broke all 10 fingers rather than attempt to write another article."
Translation provided by Gergle

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