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Christmas in April
Finally, the Community Christmas episode!

Given the chilly weather we've had the past two days in H-town, a Christmas Community seems just about perfect. I will now sip brandy in a snifter and eat sugar cookies.

The study group has their first ever "grown-up Christmas party"; recall that last year they were in a glee club and the year prior they became claymation cartoons. Jeff plays host to a nice, quiet Christmas party with the whole clan bearing gifts, which they were told not to bring. Naturally, Jeff has not purchased anything for anyone. Chang has, though; he's been told that no presents means presents. "So no means yes."

Abed is somewhat disappointed by this type of party since he was hoping for a re-enactment of Die Hard. Troy does him one better and gives him an early Christmas present of a bloody Die Hard tank top.

Annie breaks up the group's good mood with some bad news: She has found out that they failed their group history paper. What to do? Oh, why not invite the history professor over to the party and see if you can coerce him into changing the grade? Sounds like a recipe for delicious disaster.

Their history professor, Professor Cornwallis (Malcolm McDowell), shows up looking annoyed, yet is happy to drink Jeff's high-quality scotch and ogle the ladies. In a private moment, Jeff admits to Brita that he is the reason they got a failing grade. Rather than doing his share of the work, he went to a Tom Waits concert. Interesting excuse for not doing your homework. Jeff assumed that they would only get a C- despite his lack of effort. Jeff decrees that he is going to make this right.

As Jeff tries to smooth-talk Cornwallis into a better grade, it comes out that the group has gotten a C, which no one but Annie considers failing. She's on her way to being valedictorian and needs an A. But Jeff is so pushy and obnoxious with Cornwallis that he turns their grade into an F. What!

Jeff calls the group into a private meeting and assures them that all will be taken care of. Just kidding, Chang has tied the professor to a chair to prove his worth to the group. Rather than untying Cornwallis, they decide to use the situation to their advantage. They will keep him tied up until he changes their grade.

This is when the episode gets really fun.

Cornwallis uses the power of historical knowledge to try and break the study group's pact, promising that whoever unties him will be given an A while the others will get an F.

"Empires are always destroyed from within," says Cornwallis as he slowly picks at their weaknesses.

Abed makes some popcorn because this is better than any movie ever.

Brita and Jeff used to sleep together and now she sleeps with Troy. Love triangle!

Annie is gunning for valedictorian and her only competition is -- surprise -- Shirley!

And Jeff is forced to admit that he is the reason the team got a poor grade. He blames Tom Waits.

Then...the doorbell rings! Ahh!!!

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