AMC Is Trying to Do "Something More"

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AMC better keep their fire going
Once upon a time, in a decade far far away, the AMC network stood for something; that something was "American Movie Classics". With this week's release of its new slogan, the network stands for something more. Yes, exactly. What? I said it stands for something more. What something more does it stand for? I know, I just said that. (This is turning into an Abbott and Costello routine.)

AMC just announced that its new slogan would be, "something more." There are plenty of corny jokes one might make (I think I just did) and comment sections of websites revealing this information had plenty of them. If you recall the network's previous slogan, "Story matters here," and you run through the list of shows the network is famous for, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, this mantra makes a bit more sense. But with the network's acquisition of several reality shows, and then, oh yeah they still play movies on occasion, I suppose "something more" is supposed to mean "something more than just those three shows you really like."

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Anytime a network tries to redefine itself, it winds up taking on a new slogan and so it is not presumptuous to assume that AMC feels the need to do something new, especially given its current competition. But it's also funny to think that AMC used to show "nothing more" than classic films. Talk about reinventing yourself... like eight times.

AMC was one of the original premium cable channels that entered the market in the early '80s. When it first appeared, it showed only classic movies. After a few years, it became a basic cable network but still aired only classic films without commercial interruption. So it was TMC. At this time, the network was seen as the destination for classic films, and it even branched into airing marathons of rare films to highlight artists who made significant contributions to the art form. It was a serious film network, but oh the times have changed.

The network was bought and sold and split up and all the other horrible things those evil media oligopolies do to ruin television channels and AMC began cutting into its movies and airing commercials. But it still ran good movies. Whoever owned the network would dictate which movies AMC could air, but again, the American Movie Channel still just aired American classic movies (and some movie related crap to fill time).

And then something happened and I remember clearly watching Sweet Home Alabama on AMC wondering aloud how this was at all considered a classic movie. This was around 2004, when the network began airing non-classic, crappy movies but also a reality show called FilmFakers, which was like the meanest Punk'd on out-of-work actor/waiters to ever be devised. I kinda' liked it.

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