The Rest of the Best: Top 10 Places for Video Games in Houston

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Gamers of one form or another have long since become the majority of Americans. Some 60 percent of people play everything from Candy Crush on their iPhones to console adventures to puzzle games on the PC that may lead to the cure for AIDS. You have to get those games from somewhere, and today we look at the best places in Houston to get your personal game on.

10. Microplay
139 Gulf Fwy S

Microplay caters more to the crowd that still buys anime on VHS... not that there's anything wrong with that. They also sell and rent a fair amount of video games. This is more of a destination for people seeking Naruto DVDs and cosplay items who also happen to like games, but it's a killer little niche shop that is worth the ride to League City.

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9. GameStop

Before you start with the torches and pitchforks, there is nothing wrong with the corporate giant that is GameStop. Their rewards program is pretty good, especially if you pay attention to when they offer extra cash on buybacks. They're all over Houston, and more often than not their staffs are very knowledgeable and friendly. In particular, the Shepherd location has a very good selection, especially if you're addicted to DS and 3DS RPGs. It's a mall store, but who among us doesn't have a good memory of buying games in mall stores?

rotbvg6 from game and skate fb.jpg
Photo courtesy of the Game and Skate Facebook
8. Game and Skate
519 S Gordon

Family owned and operated down in Alvin, Game and Skate does just what it claims to do. You can buy, sell, and trade games there as well as indulge in anything to do with skateboards. They've got a good selection of both boards and titles, run tournaments, and support the Alvin skate scene. A really brilliant operation.

7. Micro Center
1717 West Loop Dr S

The electronics outlet store actually has a really fantastic gaming section. Oh, it's not a fully stocked specialty store or anything, but you can find all kinds of deals on systems, games, and especially accessories. It's kind of like going to a high-end resell shop in that you probably won't find what you're looking for, but you'll find something you'll love. Also, their website stock is amazingly up to date, so you can always check it before you head out.

rotbvg4 by half-price on fb.jpg
Photo courtesy of the Half-Price Books Facebook
6. Half-Price Books

Speaking of resell shops, every Half-Price Books has an adorable little game section that you may have to ask to be shown to. It's mostly PS2 stuff, but there is a fair amount of SNES, Genesis, and N64 games floating around. For collectors, it's a good idea to bring along a collecting guide as the store may not know it has gold on the shelf. I tend to haunt the shop every Christmas for my mother-in-law who loves PC gaming as they generally have some fun stocking stuffer fare for less than $5. Strategy guides can be found as well.

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Kylejack topcommenter

My favorite place to buy bideogames is Steam.


Didn't you get in trouble for this last week? Jokes aside, I don't even play games (Dune 2K excluded) and I enjoyed this, Mr. F.

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