Pop Rocks: What Are the 10 Most Recorded TV Shows in Houston?

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Maybe I need to give "The Good Wife" a shot after all.
And by "most recorded" I mean "most recorded using TiVo®'s 'Season Pass' option," because that's the data that was made available to me. It's still a decent sample, as DirectTV has almost 370,000 subscribers in Houston (second only to Comcast), so these are probably a good representation of what the Bayou City is watching.

We're sure not all watching the Rockets and Astros, am I right?

Since these are recorded shows, it probably explains the disconnect between the Nielsen top 10. Because who would record American Idol or Dancing with the Stars when they can sit through all four excruciating hours live each week? That's just plain nutty.

10. Nashville (ABC)
Wow, seriously? I know y'all miss Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights and all but this show is just...not good.

9. Suburgatory (ABC)
Bit of a surprise here, but not a bad show. Jeremy Sisto is finally playing a non-creepy role, while Ana Gasteyer, Alan Tudyk and Cheryl Hines are all great. Then again, it's hardly surprising that a show about the soul-sucking burbs would strike a chord in H-Town.

8. The Middle (ABC)
Damn our predictable flyover tastes! Seriously, The Middle is the closest thing out there to a "classic" (read: largely inoffensive) sitcom around these days. And I still think they should've used James McMurtry's song for the theme.

7. Castle (ABC)
There aren't going to be any more seasons of Firefly, people. But you can keep boosting Nathan Fillion's ratings to make him look more marketable if that makes you feel better.

6. The Mentalist (CBS)
ABC has five of the top 10 spots on the list, while CBS has four (compared to one for FOX and, cough, none for NBC). I admit, I underestimated The Mentalist's appeal when the show debuted, but I'm apparently not the target audience for dimpled blond Australian dudes.

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No love for the Big Bang Theory?  

A show we love that's below the radar is "Wedding Band". In one episode they actually mentioned Saint Arnold, the patron saint of brewing. And we were drinking a Saint Arnold's beer at the time.

del.martinis topcommenter

The Good Wife always, and yes, Nashville is a fun soap!  The rest suck, and It's Game of Thrones ..Walking Dead and Mad Men in our household.

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