10 Best Video Game Trailers of All Time

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5. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (3DS Trailer): Nintendo knew just what they were doing when they hired Zelda fan Robin Williams to star in a commercial tribute to the amazing series, an advertisement to the game itself, and a nod to the desire of every father to protect his little princess. What in Ocarina of Time are you going to show us that we haven't seen before? No, this incredibly sweet trailer just appeals to those of us who remember being kids on grand adventures, and calls to our desire to share those adventures with the next generation.

Zelda: 6 Legendary Video Game Trailers and 2 Hilarious Parodies

4. American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns: Though I wouldn't call either Alice game terribly frightening, the trailer for the second installment just creeps me the hell out more than anything I have ever seen. It accomplishes in 30 seconds what Dead Space 3 takes hours to not accomplish with just the right amount of jump scare and chilling, unstoppable weirdness. Ugh, I have nightmares every time I see it.

3. DC Universe Online: I simply refuse to believe that any Justice League movie they'll attempt will be better than the 2010 Comic-Con trailer for DC Universe Online. Deathstroke's fight against Wonder Woman alone is worth it and the sad monologue of Lex Luthor as he shows the heroes the future that lies in wait for them is equal to some of his finest comic work. Plus, Superman just straight-up burns Black Adam's face off.

2. Dead Island: Dead Island's trailer lacked a little in the graphics department compared to other entries on this list, but it made up for it with fantastic storytelling. In three minutes, you come to a creeping, gut-twisting conclusion as a family fights their final battle against an unstoppable zombie horde. It will break your heart in a way you probably never thought anything with zombies ever could again, and honestly could have been submitted as an animated short for the Academy Awards as far as I'm concerned.

1. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Capcom managed to produce a quartet of cinematic trailers for their latest game in the crossover fighting franchise so incredibly good that honestly you wondered why they didn't just produce a movie instead. The almost 12 minutes' worth of footage is far better than even the actual gameplay, not to mention that it set an unbeatable bar when it came to the title's utterly lackluster endings. You could show this to any single person, comic fan or gamer or neither, and he or she would be interested. Just pure genius.

Back when we were obsessed with that Marvel Vs. Capcom trailer, we were hoping for five unlikely Marvel characters and five even more unlikely Capcom characters to be included. Amazingly, one of them did!

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