10 Amazing Facts About the Game Boy You Didn't Know

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Honestly, when it comes to portable gaming no one has ever really managed to challenge Nintendo. The Game Boy is one of the most successful systems of all time, despite the fact that it went up against technically superior portable consoles like the Lynx and Game Gear. It's had an interesting history, and here are ten of the coolest and strangest bits of it.

10. It's One of the Best Selling Consoles of All Time:
Only the Playstation 2 tops Nintendo portable systems in terms of sales numbers , and even then just barely. The DS has Game Boy beat, but at 118 million units sold, the Game Boy and Game Boy Color still have sold more than both versions of the Xbox combined, and more than double the number of every single system Atari ever made put together.

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9. It Featured the Smallest Digital Camera in the World: These days everything you buy has a camera, but in 1998 that was still years away. Nintendo decided to just go ahead and get the ball rolling in that direction with the Game Boy Camera, which could be combined with the Game Boy Printer to turn you into a full-on walking photo studio in between games of Six Golden Coins. In 1999 the Guinness Book of World Records recognized Nintendo's accomplishment as the smallest digital camera then in existence.

Of course, not everything about the camera was great...

8. Its Camera is Clearly Haunted: The camera came preloaded with little mini games, and one of them was the most ball-shriveling thing in gaming history. If you select "Run" in the menu screen, that horrifying face above shows up along with the question, "What are you running from?" That is straight up Jigsaw stuff right there, and I am convinced the only reason that never appeared in a Saw film was because of licensing issues. No official explanation for this madness has ever been put forth.

7. It Was One of the First Gender Equal Systems: These days female gamers are just as common as males gamers, but in the '80s and '90s it was all a big old sausage fest. Except for the Game Boy, that is. In 1995 girls made up only 29 percent of NES players, but they accounted for almost half of Game Boy players. This might explain why the second official Metroid game, with the first lady of gaming herself Samus Aran, went straight to Game Boy.

6. It Had a Different Name in Korea: The Japanese and the Koreans have a somewhat tense relationship because of all that pesky occupation, racism, and killing that Japan used to like to do to the Koreans. When the Koreans were freed from Japanese rule after World War II there was a ban on Japanese cultural imports. Not wanting to lose that valuable Korean gaming dollar (Remember, this is a country where StarCraft is a professional sport), Nintendo licensed the Game Boy through Samsung and sold it under the name Mini Comboy.

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1991 Star Trek TNG episode, "The Game":  "Wesley Crusher returns to the Enterprise on vacation from the Academy only to discover a mysterious alien game infiltrating and controlling the crew."  Clearly based on Tetris on the Gameboy.  Take my wife ...

BobbyFreshpants topcommenter

You forgot 11. They were fucking awesome. Although, I guess everyone knew that.

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