Trailer Park: Of Course There Is Going To Be A Hangover Part III

Hangover II sucked. It was a cash-grab, which doesn't mean that The Hangover was some sort of cinematic classic, though I could watch the first one endlessly.

Oh, the days when Zack Galafianakis wasn't overexposed.

Before this movie, young men came to the city of Las Vegas to spend thousands of dollars to get drunk and fail at getting laid on bachelor party trips. Now every supposed "wolf pack" from disparate parts of the world come to Vegas to set fires, get shot, and steal tigers. And you can get movie merch in every gift shop.

Here comes the teaser trailer for the supposed end of the series. The Hangover Part III is due to hit theaters in time for Memorial Day, May 24.

Thankfully it looks like they deviated from the plot of the first two films, or at least that is what it looks like, from the trailer I mean.

This time around the cast is augmented by John Goodman and Melissa McCarthy, with Mike Tyson coming back for more laughs.

Fingers crossed this makes us forget the Hangover II.

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Kevin Smith may have finished his transformation into total self-aggrandizing blowhard in the past couple of years, but I feel like he actually cares about his two main characters in Clerks. So I'm looking forward to Clerks III, if it ever comes to pass.

Jimi Austin
Jimi Austin

Hangover is no where near as good of a movie as Clerks. No comparison.

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