Cowboy Movies to Tide You Over When You Aren't at RodeoHouston

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So you've left RodeoHouston and you wish you could take some of that same vibe home with you, or back to the office. Never fear, we've found some great country-laden rodeo flicks for you to further your westernization. Remember, it doesn't need to be rodeo season for you to enjoy this stuff. Hell, I watch Urban Cowboy on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Most of these can be found at your favorite online video outlet or streaming site, and when I could, I used the full versions found on YouTube. Apparently some movie studios frown on their entire catalogs being free on YouTube. Pshhh...

We start with 8 Seconds because it's directly associated with bullriding. The rest have enough scruff, cowboy hats, country music and guns to put you in the rodeo mood. Well, maybe not the guns. I don't think I need to tell you not to take guns to the rodeo. Or maybe I do; this is Houston, after all.

8 Seconds

Junior Bonner

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

(Note: This is not the 1991 Scott Glenn movie, but a short doc featuring Waylon Jennings about real-life cowboys. I know all of you Scott Glenn fanboys and fangirls were getting your hopes up.)

J.W. Coop

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No Urban Cowboy?   Growing up in Pasadena, I am offended sir!  Offended I say!  I am going to have Scott Glenn drive over to your establishment and wreck your double wide.

craig.hlavaty moderator

@idylwino Did you not read my line "Hell, I watch Urban Cowboy on Thanksgiving and Christmas"? 

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