100 Creatives 2013: Nicola Parente, Abstract Painter and Photographer

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Photo by Aaron Courtland
Nicola Parente
"For me, the expansive visual sensibility shared is such an important part of being a creative," says Italy-born painter and photographer Nicola Parente, a spiritual guy who is quite accomplished in the art world.

Parente's works have been shown all over the map, including Mexico and Ethiopia. He's also created work for Dominic Walsh Dance Theater and nearly took home The Texas Spirit award.

Parente, who creates medium-to-large scale works, earned his bachelor's from King College in Pennsylvania and his master's from the University of St. Thomas in 2004.

What he does: Parente is in the business of creating, whether it's printing abstract photographs that were snapped during a stay at Bishangari in southern Ethiopia or putting together a solo exhibition locally.

"I create art that is the space of a new day. A transition from an old place, curious with possibilities," says Parente. "My work is a journey first from myself and then for the viewer...it becomes an opening to something new."

Why he likes it: The self-development opportunities and skill share, he explains. "As an artist, I continue to grow and I enjoy sharing the creative process with others. My hope is that my art is a catalyst that others will use to expand visually."

What inspires him: Spirituality coaxes the best out of the spiritual Parente. "Everything in the universe desires to contribute to you," says Parente. "If you pay attention, art, every flavor, every tree, every experience will inspire."

If not this, then what: "As a creative, painting, photography, installation artist, sculpture, textile design, set design artist, I must create," he says. "Being a creative, my life is full and rich."

If not here, then where: He considers Houston his home due to the town's "entrepreneurial spirit and creative support" that he says has been tremendous for him. "With that said," says Parente, "my exhibitions in Italy, Mexico, Ethiopia and throughout the United States fuels my art and the world is my playground."

Nicola Parente's set design for Dominic Walsh Dance Theater's Terminus.
What's next: He's working on a site-specific installation-based work for micro scope 1824, a small experimental art space at Spring Street Studios conceived by David Brown and curated by Michael Crowder and David Brown. The installation, scheduled to be on display from April 13 through May 23, is geared toward bringing awareness to the endangered honeybee population, says Parente.

The artist is also prepping a new series of paintings for a solo show that will be exhibited at Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, Inc. in September and October.

He also continue to create textile designs and is involved in community outreach organizations: he's Bayou City Art Festival's VP board of directors and on the Writers in the Schools' outreach committee as well as Winter and Spring Street Studios' artist advisory committee.

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