The Best Red Profile Pics Supporting the Marriage Equality Movement

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Two things happened this week that I was absolutely sure were never going to happen in my lifetime. The first was the Supreme Court of these United States taking up both a case to repeal Proposition 8 that banned same-sex marriage in California by popular vote as well as possibly repealing the Defense of Marriage Act that denies more than a thousand benefits to same-sex couples even in states that allow such marriages.

As passionate a defender and advocate for LGBT equality as I am, I never forget the saddest fact I've ever learned; the Civil Rights Act passed only after the children of the last slave-owners had died. That's how long social change takes to happen. That in just the last decade the movement for equality has come so far is astounding. Something else last week topped it, though.

Changing your profile pic on Facebook actually mattered. The absolute pinnacle of slactivism, the acme of false effort, somehow became freakin' relevant. I don't know about you, but I couldn't tell who the hell I was talking to online anymore in the sea of red equality symbols. When something like that gets mentioned in Forbes you're no longer talking bush leagues.

In celebration of this unthinkable action, I thought I'd show you the way people changed up their show of support.

The Whovians were out in force on my Facebook newsfeed, which is perfectly understandable when you write about Doctor Who as much as I do. Even the Daleks had unkind words against marriage inequality, and when the Daleks call you on your bullshit you need to listen. If you can't read the plaque on the equality TARDIS in the tiny picture it says, "Because everyone is allowed their companion."

Gamers as well contributed to the campaign with some interesting creations. Take a look at the Start and Select buttons in the first, because come PS4 our old friends will be a thing of the past. Local actor and classic gaming guru Joe Grisaffi was rocking the Pong-themed pic in the middle. The real winner is the pic posted from the official Assassin's Creed Facebook, which was accompanied by the text, "As a multicultural team of various faiths and beliefs, we believe in supporting our team members around the world as equal members of our society."

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MadMac topcommenter

First class writing, Mr. F. As a severely lapsed Catholic, I came late to marriage equality and like the Prez, my views had to evolve/mature, (my Mrs. just busted out laughing and doesn't know why). I hope these demonstrations of fellowship and support help others see the truth the way a certain Mr. Olbermann's commentary helped me years ago.  Know what I'll be tweeting when I'm off Uncle Sugar's dime.

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