Happy 50th Birthday Kathy Ireland, The Kate Upton Of The '80s

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Was that headline a clever ploy to unite Generation X and Y in solidarity with millenials? You're damned right.

Everyone from the first two groups can agree on the bushy eyebrows and bikini-clad bod of Kathy Ireland, who turns 50 years old today, and was ubiquitous in Sports Illustrated's best late '80s and early '90s swimsuit issues (thirteen of them in a row), and our creepy adolescent fantasies.


The 20 Best Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Covers

It was those gym shorts of Ireland's in Necessary Roughness, man.

Ireland could be called the Kate Upton (the current reigning pinup) of her generation, Upton has built an empire with her ample bosoms, powered by the magic of Twitter and the help of the jiggling GIF. No doubt if those all existed in the '80s, Ireland would have been noticed in an even bigger way.

Let this blog unite all three demos to behold the greatness of Ireland, who is now a powerful businesswoman, earning $2 billion in 2011 with her line of, well almost everything from home furnishings to wigs. She's traded SI covers for Forbes covers.

Just one of many photos I have found of Ireland holding various fruits. Was or is this a fetish?

So much awesome in one picture. Kathy Ireland in skimpy athletic gear AND Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap.

Ireland in the film Alien From L.A. which was mainly seen by Mystery Science Theater's 3,000 devotees. If you know what that means, you know that it was a bad film.



Later period Ireland, from what I remember to be a K-Mart ad. OK, I am lying. I knew that with 100 percent certainty.


Kathy Ireland!!!.jpg
Those poor kids had to sit and watch this photoshoot, which probably lasts three hours or more. Brutal.


Yet another fruit picture. Was this some sort of campaign to get teen girls to only eat fruit so they could look like Ireland?

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Greg Feczko
Greg Feczko

Damn! And who didn't have a poster of Farrah Fawcett on their bedroom wall :)

jeffbalke topcommenter

Ah, my youth. One of the women I had hoped would get older and try to recapture her youth with a Playboy pictorial. Guess she went the other way.

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