Reviews for the Lazy Gamer: God of War: Ascension

Categories: Gaming

Game: God of War: Ascension

Platform: PS3

Publisher/Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment/SCE Santa Monica Studio

Genre: Action-adventure

Describe This Game in Three Words: Demigod at best.

To see what I thought about the multiplayer mode in beta-testing, click here.

Plot Synopsis: Set before the first God of War, Ascension follows Kratos as he wages war against the Furies for breaking his blood oath to Ares after the god of war tricked him into murdering his family. Now the most powerful spirits of Greek mythology wait for the Ghost of Sparta.

Up Up: God of War games are kind of like Mario games in a way. They don't really change a whole lot because they don't really need to. The people behind Kratos know their audience, and that audience wants to see the Spartan stride across a beautiful and improbable ancient world brutally massacring monsters and doing terrible things, but being conflicted about it. At the end of the day, for Kratos it's all "Dear I fucked bitches and killed gods." That's how he rolls.

The series has never looked better, with the fantastical Temple of Delphi and the Prison of the Damned coming to life in an unbelievable way. Even in a series known for creating the greatest landscapes in gaming, Ascension outdoes itself to the point that it's hard to believe you're not watching a multimillion-dollar animated feature.

All of what you love about God of War is there in the gameplay. Kratos wields the blades of chaos same as ever, and the opening boss fights is truly magnificent. As usual, the game pulls out all the stops in the first go-round, pitting the Ghost of Sparta against the Hecatonchires. It's a huge, Cronus-esque fight with some absolutely disturbing imagery right out of The Thing. In the end, you win with the greatest game of quit-hitting-yourself ever devised. Classic Kratos, and fun as Hades.

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Happily, it sounds like Ascension is a worthy addition to the franchise, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. With all the hype for Ascension, I had to do something to get my Kratos fix while waiting, so I rented both the God of War Collection and God of War 3 through Blockbuster @Home from DISH. Trying out the range of services we come out with is one of my favorite parts about working for DISH, and I’m particularly grateful for Blockbuster @Home because previously I’d always end up buying all my games, but that gets expensive. And considering I rarely play through a game more than once, they just don’t usually seem worth paying sixty bucks a pop for. Luckily now that I rent my games through Blockbuster @Home, I don’t have to pay that much. Blockbuster @Home’s flat-monthly rate has allowed me to keep up with my gaming habit without going broke.

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