The 5 Best New Doctor Who Monsters

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Did anyone else get really excited for a second thinking The Doctor was going to fight The Residents?
With the second half of Season 7 slowly making its way toward us, as well as the start of the 50th-anniversary celebrations coming into focus, all eyes are on the threats The Doctor and new companion Clara Oswin Oswald will face starting on March 30. The big buzz has been around the return of series staples like the Cybermen under the writing of Neil Gaiman, and another old Second Doctor race, the Ice Warriors (Martians previously mentioned in "Waters of Mars").

In addition to old foes, Entertainment Weekly revealed a previously unknown draconian enemy, and the trailer for this second half shows terrifying eyeless figures that call to mind The Mouth of Sauron. Since 2005, the creators of Doctor Who have introduced plenty of new threats that rival titans like The Master, the Daleks and other famous villains. Today we see how they stand up and what their odds are of becoming regular foes themselves.

5. Silents: The creatures called Silents (The Silence is actually the name of their religious order) play deeply into American pop conspiracies like Men in Black and government mind control. As such, they are a somewhat uniquely American villainous race that orchestrated much of the plot of Seasons 5 and 6 through their manipulations. Their abilities to make people forget their existence, as well as an almost stereotypical alien look, create that perfect combination of laughable and unnerving that makes the Daleks so effective.

Odds of coming back: Let's go with 75 percent. They were so dominant in the first two seasons of the Eleventh Doctor that it's hard to imagine that he won't see them one last time before his end. Whether they have the oomph to carry into Twelve remains to be seen.

4. The Family of Blood: Monsters that work through possession are a dime a dozen across Classic Who and New Who because, well, it's a lot cheaper than paying someone to design a new alien race. Few played it up as well as The Family of Blood, though. They pursued the Tenth Doctor across early 20th-century England, where he masqueraded as a human to escape from them. After taking over the bodies of four townspeople, they waged a brutal siege that not only made for some of the tensest moments of Season 3, but also gave the show a wonderful chance to expound on armed conflict in the way only Doctor Who can.

Odds of coming back: The Family of Blood is unique in that The Doctor went straight up Biblical on them upon confronting them, leaving each of them in eternal personal hells. The voice-over by Son of Mine at the end suggests that even if they escaped, they would never cross The Doctor again, but it's a fact that a door has been left open. I'll give it 50 percent.

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How can you possibly give the Family a 50% chance of coming back? They were a monster of the week that got slammed in an eternal hell. Even if they got out, as you noted they'd be loathe to cross the Doctor ever again.

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