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So DiRago contacted a couple of companies whose products she loved, put together 15 prototype boxes, and contacted a handful of craft bloggers whose opinions she valued. The bloggers weren't required to write about the project -- she just wanted their opinions. But some did, and pretty soon the basic informational website she's set up for the project was filling up with orders for the next box. There have now been 14 months worth of Whimseyboxes.

But that's not to say there haven't been growing pains. In the first several months, the boxes just contained supplies, with no direction. DiRago realized that a lot of people were ordering the boxes as a way to get started with DIY projects and had no idea how to use the objects they were given. So for the past six months, every Whimseybox has included a featured project along with instructions.

And the company has outgrown her house, where she used to have assembly line-style packing parties before sending the boxes out.

"There have been some late nights. We're not BFF with the post office. They think we're crazy. Once the guy came on foot to pick up 500 boxes."

About those boxes -- Whimseybox keeps it local as much as possible. One of DiRago's concepts was that the boxes could be re-used as storage. The boxes are made locally out of recycled fiberwood, and are now packed at The Center, a community for adults with developmental disabilities.

DiRago likes to quote a friend when talking about Houston.

"Houston is really flat. Not just geographically,but socially, too. I feel like, if I wanted to meet the mayor, I could. That could happen.

"What's good for my business is good for the community."


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Sure, our city is 'socially flat.' Leave your neighborhood once in awhile Chicago transplant and friend. Shouldn't every city aspire to have accessible public officials?

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