Top 5 One-Night Stand Movies

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2. Kids
If Fatal Attraction was secretly put out as propaganda against extramarital affairs, Kids is like a PSA against teen sex. Poor Chloe Sevigny. The one and only hop in the sack she has gives her HIV. With the release of this film, one night stands weren't so funny anymore.

1. Knocked UpI am a sucker for this flick indeed, but I challenge you to find a better one-night stand movie. The movie starts off as every girl's nightmare; the fat slob you meet one drunken evening winds up getting you pregnant. While in real life, this story would probably go in a very different direction, in movie world the couple winds up sort of falling in love after both of them realize they are basically stuck with each other. True love conquers all!

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I believe Michael Douglas' character banged Glenn Close's character several times in Fatal Attraction; therefore, does not qualify as a One Night Stand....

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