Michael Galbreth's Massive, Largely Forgotten Public Art Project "The Human Tour" Lives On

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Photo by Lillie Monstrum
Carrie Schneider and Alex Tu explore Houston.

When Galbreth designed his human route, he traveled it several times by car. This time around, Schneider and Tu have decided to revive "The Human Tour" on foot, breaking it up into 10 manageable chunks -- each about 4 miles long. They invite the public to join them as they do all 10 walks from February 10 to March 10 while they wear white Hazmat-esque suits specially designed for the project by the artists and fabricated by Thuy-Linh Cornett to "create a bit of spectacle," says Tu. The tour will kick off and end at Natachee's and feature guest curators, DJs, historians, and tour guides throughout the month. Other than that, Tu and Schneider don't quite know what to expect.

"All we know is where we're going to walk to, that's about it," says Tu. "Anything can happen on these walks."

Both artists will also be wearing cameras -- Tu a chest-mounted camera, Schneider
sunglasses with a camera attached to them -- to record the tour constantly. In the end, they plan on making a video and screening footage at the March 10 arrival party.

Beyond that, the fate of "The Human Tour" is just as it started -- left in the hands of curious, would-be Human Tourists. Both Schneider, Tu and Galbreth hope this reinvestigation brings more awareness to the original project.

"It means very much to me that Carrie and Alex are reviving it. I'm touched beyond words," says Galbreth. "Hopefully people will pick up on the idea and the thing in fact won't die."

"The Human Tour: An Anthropomorphic Route Through The City of Houston" kicks off February 10 at 11 am at Natachee's, 3622 Main Street, followed by the official send-off at noon. The arrival party will be March 10 at 7 pm at Natachee's. For the complete schedule, visit here.

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Natachee's Supper 'n Punch

3622 Main St., Houston, TX

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