Let's Recap [Most Of] Super Bowl XLVII's Commercials

Everything Else

"Your Big Idea" - GoDaddy
Registering your domain name is all it takes to strike it rich. And I ought to know, seeing how I'm the owner of "www.beerflavorednipples.com."

"Human vs. Cheetah" - Skechers
That was some 1993-level CGI there. Kudos.

"Z10" - Blackberry
It turns runaway tankers into rubber duckies? How will that help me beat people at Words With Friends?

"Save It" - E*Trade
It's kind of creepy how that kid hasn't aged in, like, five years.

"Lifeguard" - AXE
I dunno, that lifeguard punched the shit out of that shark. And is a skeevy fragrance company really someone you want to trust to shoot you into space?

"Getaway" - Gildan
What the hell is Gildan? And are they really trying to convince us a guy would jeopardize a clean getaway by trying to get a t-shirt back?

"Laundromat" - Speed Stick
I know every laundromat I've ever frequented has been populated exclusively by scantily clad, attractive 20-somethings.

"The Next Big Thing" - Samsung
In a just universe, Bob Odenkirk would be more famous than Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen put together.


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